How the project evolved?

A project log for SMART Response XE LINUX

Portable "fullpower" LINUX Pocket Computer for on the go programming

chmod775chmod775 07/27/2021 at 12:020 Comments

Started with the idea to fit a small single board computer with WiFi into the SMART Response XE.

A Raspberry Zero W would have fitted it perfectly, but unfortunately I had any available in the lab (and delivery times were too long).

After some trial and error I managed to find and fit a NanoPi Neo Air in the battery compartment.

Unfortunately that raised another problem, how to power the device?

The immediate idea was to fit a USB power bank inside to retain the important feature of recharging and powering down the device.

That didn’t work as smoothing as I thought. Battery size like 14335 and over where too big for the case.

So I disassembled a small 2S battery for a micro drone and used both cells.

About the software, it was pretty straightforward. Replicate a VT100 terminal running on the onboard ATMega and comunicate with the single board computer using serial.

I’m planning to release the source code and some schematics soon.

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