Out of stock, and we're done here!!

A project log for μ3D: RatRig V-Core 3 EVA wiring over RJ45

A daughter board that mounts on a 3D printer hotend assembly to enable all wiring over RJ45

Alexander WilliamsAlexander Williams 12/08/2021 at 15:210 Comments

The current batch of PCBs is out of stock... yes, I've sold them all.

Unfortunately, JST-VH connectors are also out of stock everywhere, so I've decided rather than getting new PCBs made and selling just the boards for a tiny profit, I'll just upload the and let people order the PCBs themselves.

You'll need to source all the connectors on your own, but the documentation provides the part numbers and datasheets to help with that.

Thanks for the support! On to the next project ;) !!!