To make this amplifier circuit, 1st we need –

  1. Transistor – TIP 122
  2. Resistor – 1 KΩ
  3. Capacitor - 1uf / 50v
  4. Audio Input Cable
  5. Power Source – DC 12v
  6. Sound Speaker
  7. Heat sink

Transistor Pinout –

As usual other transistor, this transistor also have 3 legs and this 3 legs have different names. Tip122 is an NPN transistor. If we count it’s leg from left side, then it’s 1st leg Base, 2nd leg Collector and 3rd leg Emitter.

Circuit Connection –

First we connect resistor with Base and Collector of Transistor. We should careful that, there don’t have any loose contact.

Now we connect 1uf / 50v capacitor with the circuit. Connect capacitor positive leg with  Base of transistor. We know that, there are there are two cable of a mono audio input cable. One is “Ground” and other one is “Right”

Then we connect audio input “Right” cable with capacitor negative leg and connect audio input “Ground” cable with Emitter of transistor.

It is the time to connect power supply with the amplifier circuit. For power supply, we are using DC-12v. Now we connect power supply negative cable with Emitter of transistor.

Finally we connect speaker cable with the circuit. We connect one speaker cable with collector of transistor and another speaker cable with DC-12v positive cable.

Just plug-in power , then connect audio source with audio input cable and play music.