This is a simplified version of the "Osu! Catch the Beat" game which is played on an 8 to 8 Led matrix. The hunter moves left and right by turning the potentiometer.

       You have a total of 10 Lives, and you lose one for each missed ball. For every ball, you catch you get one life. Every fourth point won the speed of the balls increases by one level. The game ends when we spend all our lives and it is manifested by 5 times switching "on" and "off" of all 64 LEDs. So the goal is to stay in the game for as long as possible.   I am currently working on a modification of the code, and at the end of the game as many LEDs will be lit as we have scored points, and when I finish it, I will present it as an upgrade.

    - The device is simple to build and contains only a few components:
          - Arduino Nano microcontroller
          - homemade 8 to 8 matrix
          - active Buzzer
          - and one Potentiometer

   The initial speed of the game is set in the code, by changing the value in line 56
    The number of lives in line 54 can also be changed:
  Finally, the device is mounted in a suitable box made of PVC board coated with self-adhesive wallpaper.