An evolution of the rosco_m68k 68000 home-brew computer, this time with a 68030 at (initially) 33MHz and with some advanced peripherals

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The rosco_m68k_pro is a full-featured evolution of the rosco_m68k project (, featuring a MC68030 CPU, 2MB of on-board RAM, 2MB ROM and (ultimately) FPGA video (thanks to Xark's awesome Xosera:, on-board 115K2bps dual UART and SD/IDE storage.

Currently at the early prototype stage (Almost at the "sending out for prototype PCBs stage, unlike the original rosco_m68k, this will never be a breadboard project due to the massively-increased complexity of the project). I'll be posting logs and updates here as things progress!

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Jrsphoto wrote 09/12/2021 at 02:21 point

I've been waiting for this board.  I'd love to see you use the Retrobrew computer backplane for this build!  I've got a a bare Mini-M68K pcb that I need to build, and a 8-slot backplane

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