The Project Management Approach

A project log for RoboCook Assistant - Fridge

Cooking is one of the most ancient disciplines of the human race. This project focuses on boosting home cooking technology.

Pato MontalvoPato Montalvo 07/27/2021 at 17:490 Comments

I've decided to bet the success of this project on having a very solid foundation. In order to keep myself from derailing, I'm working in the development of this product with a Project Management methodology. I believe this will bring multiple benefits:

- Project Gantt Chart: It will help me to keep clear expectations of what I can accomplish by working by myself, to keep accountability of my progress, and to be conscious about the prize's deadlines. 

- Project Charter: It will be useful to limit the project scope, and to note internal and external limitations that could threaten the project's completion. 

- Deliverable-based Approach: Working on a set of pre-defined deliverables makes it easier to organized documentation. This way, anybody that is interested in the product or the project can have highly detailed information. 

Currently, I've finished the Gantt chart and milestones and tasks look promising. I will be using those checkpoints as references to write the logs in this profile, so you can expect frequent updates about my progress! 

Once we are close to the Challenge 4 submission deadline, I'll be sharing those deliverables in this profile as well! Stay tuned :)