3 channel guitar amp proto with new ripple filter

This is a prototype
(not complete)

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This is a rough amp design
To build the amp will take some skill and knowledge of electronics and tube circuitry.
All the circuits needed are on the page. This leaves it open for each to tailor the amp to thier own needs. The switching and ripple filter are relatively new designs.
The higher voltages at the first pre stage is done to cause more sustain (compression) and clarity. As note decays current demand lowers at first stage and b+ raises at following stages raising level causing sustain. Find the best balance
For your setup.
I have built many amps over the years and used the circuits within the page on many projects.
The amp will have 6 footswitchable gain and volume modes. 3 tone stacks. 2 effect loops. 2 final stage master volumes. Each tone section will have treble bass mid presence and 2 controls to adjust low end.
The ripple filter some will say isn't necessary.
Remember your final amplified audio stage is a modulated power supply. Clean it up!

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Alan Cyr wrote 10/01/2021 at 03:07 point

yes it is a 3 way 4 mode switch as my background pic it is an alternate switch method that could be used to switch loops etc. I use it in a 3 channel overdrive pedal. It has the option of any 3 modes or all off  (bypass) . If you are not able to download and print it out I suggest you don't attempt building it. 

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Ken Yap wrote 10/01/2021 at 01:54 point

Hmm your background photo seems to come from another project. Also you may want to rotate the photo in the gallery, or the tubes will fall out. 😉

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