Lutron Caseta Clear Connect RF

We want to take over a caseta system from RF

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My reasons may not match others, but these things are expensive, and lutron can brick them at any time by shutting down their servers! If that day comes, I want to be prepared. If that day comes, we may be able to release the results of our work. In the mean time, you might be able to find some useful tools here for other RF reverse engineering. I'm currently writing a tool to help with some aspects of protocol RE. It'll be open source, and linked from here. In addition, any public information we find (patents, undecoded captures, etc) may be aggregated here. Anything we find using "normal" reverse engineering, or advanced stuff, will not be able to be posted. Sorry :(

If you've landed here and see nothing, well, that's what this page is starting with. If you want to help, send a message. For the people I have talked to as well as myself, this is a very low priority project, so updates will be slow.

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