Garbage destined NES controller gets a new life.

I bought this broken NES controller so I could save it and give it a new life of play while proving that almost anything can be repaired.

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This poor controller was included in a small bundle of NES controllers I purchased. The owner wanted to throw it out and at first didn't even want my money for it thinking he was ripping me off. 5 bucks later I was the proud owner of this rage fit victim.

After removing the screws the full extent of the damage was revealed. Not only was the shell destroyed but the circuit board was as well. The dpad portion and a small corner were broken off.

I used epoxy to glue the board back together and then was tasked with repairing the broken traces. For this I used an exacto knife to scrape away the green solder mask over the damaged traces to reveal the copper underneath. The exposed copper allows for a place to solder a jumper wire to. The jumper wire goes from the damaged trace to the corresponding leg of the chip to repair and complete the once broken circuit.

All that's left is replacing the case with a sick 3d printed replacement!

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