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Cheap, Small, Open Source Servo Controlled Robot Arm

ben.phenoptixben.phenoptix 10/16/2014 at 10:492 Comments

This massive #meArm was designed and 3D printed by instructables member Jazzmyn, who it would seem is a serial hacker and maker! She purchased a Heisenberg Blue #meArm from Adafruit and learned so much from the build (her words not mine!;)) that she decided to have a go at making a bigger, stronger, longer version. I think she's been amazingly successful! She plans to add an electromagnet to the end and I would assume assemble some kind of Matchstick car crusher!

Jazzmyn has entered the #meArm - Bigger, Stronger, Longer into a few contests so if you're over at instructables please vote for her! Or if you're on the featured team then what are you thinking?! It's a 3D printed robot arm!! Feature it stat!

I personally want to say great job and thanks for sharing. More power to your #meArm (literally!).


Aneesh Abraham wrote 01/30/2016 at 23:43 point

Here is a I project completed made on top of the bigger me arm built by @Jazzmyn.

Thank you @ben.phenoptix for the original version. 

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Jazzmyn wrote 10/17/2014 at 13:49 point
Thanks for the post! Need all the help I can get. Shooting for a Instructables T shirt to go along with the one I got from my Hack a Day prize entry. Any thoughts on adding gears to the servos for more power and smaller movements?

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