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Ultra low cost 3D printed Open Educational Resource Walking Robotic Platform

shane.snipeshane.snipe 08/01/2021 at 12:181 Comment

So far, I have made 2 rounds of driver sensor boards that go on each motor and 2 rounds of flex circuits. The mechanics could be optimized but the leg pieces are functional and the feet hold the batteries and charge circuitry after the modifications this week. 

On Wednesday of next week, I will get a shipment of 20 head boards but I am in the uncomfortable position of not have breadboarded the functionality yet. I triple checked the pinouts broke out any unused pins so I figured that worst case, I could make something work. 

This week I will write up a explanation about each part, but today, I need to solder like the dickens and get some legs ready to connect to the boards that are coming. Additionally, I need to make sure I can move the motors through the PWM breakout board. As a stretch goal, I would like to get the I2S microphone inputs working and command a motor to be moved with voice!

Other near term goals are to put together the BOM including hardware and some assembly instructions. I will be shipping my initial units out to friends and family for beta testing.  I also want to clean up the CAD and post it on the project page.

Here is the link to the onshape model.


Doug Kimber wrote 08/01/2021 at 16:21 point

The OnShape model is very cool - you can really see the flexibility and the possible poses!

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