This is a mini ultrasonic levitator device that can suspend foam balls. The device is composed of a MCU STC15W, a driving chip TC4427EOA and two 16mm 40KHz ultrasonic probes. Mainly used for students or DIY electronics enthusiasts to learn about ultrasonic standing wave levitation.

Working principle: Ultrasonic standing wave levitation is through the existence of a certain distance between the ultrasonic transmitting end and the reflecting end (or another transmitting end) (called the distance of the resonant cavity), the transmitted wave and the reflected wave (or another sound wave) are continuously superimposed and finally form a stationary Wave, the sound wave force received by the object at the node of the standing wave overcomes the effect of gravity and finally achieves the effect of levitation.


Working voltage:12V

Size:42mm X 26mm X 53mm(H)

Suspended object: foam ball

Button K1 K2 not support (Reserved function)