Aneng M118A - Teardown

A project log for Hack into an existing Multimeter

Using the impact resistant case of a multimeter for your electronics Demonstrated on the design of a Zener-Tester / LED-Vf-Tester

Max SchnorpfeilMax Schnorpfeil 07/31/2021 at 15:050 Comments

The M118A offers a battery compartment for 2x AA batteries. It is acessible without screws, which is really handy.

Popping it open, we find the very simple PCB with the typical blob IC on the top.

Input protection does not seem adequate - I wouldn't use it as multimeter!

The E-Field probe is just a piece of wire and the LED is a 10mm THT component.

On the front side, we can see the pads for the buttons and the pads for the display glass, which is connected by the zebra strip.