Zener-Tester / LED-Tester Update: Chip shortage

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Using the impact resistant case of a multimeter for your electronics Demonstrated on the design of a Zener-Tester / LED-Vf-Tester

Max SchnorpfeilMax Schnorpfeil 08/20/2021 at 06:350 Comments

Chip shortage is hitting hard...

I've seen that the AP3015 of the first boosting stage (battery voltage -> 5V) was not available anymore.

I updated the schematic and board of the Zener-Tester / LED-Tester.

Replacing the boost converter with the Xinluda XB61040. It's pin compatible and even a bit cheaper.

Now, everything but the ADC (ADS1115) can be assembled by JLCPCB. (Just order the ADS1115 from LCSC and solder this chip by hand)