The Indifferent Engine "Janky" Tape Echo

An open source project to design and build a janky retro tape echo effect from readily available parts.  

Tape echo effects sound cool, but are expensive and/or hard to find and maintain. Whilst there have been many DIY examples over the years these usually rely on finding a 3 head tape machine as a prerequisite requirement of the build. As a result, 3 head machines are becoming scarce. So, I decided to try and build a unit from a 1 head cassette player and then add in the extra heads by 3D printing a new section for the transport that allows the erase and record heads to be mounted. It would also use custom electronics as much as possible.

I want this build to be "easily" repeatable by other people, so all parts need to be easy to source or easy to create at home.

Below is a video demonstration of the MkII design, which is now available to download.

The first official release, the MkII machine

Below is a video demonstration of the prototype Mk I design.

The project is located on github, here:

More info:

Build instructions are via our website:

Indifferent Engine are a post-hardcore band from Cambridge, UK. We also make weird pedals.