Pedal Powered Circuit Display

This project consists of a pedal powered display controller. It is designed to get kids excited about electronics.

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This project was dreamed up by Cognition in Beulah, MI. I was asked to help bring it into existence, and I have loved doing so.

The display is controlled by an arduino and a switch board. The arduino has an external power source, but all of the items in the display are powered off of the bicycle turning an electric motor.

The voltage supplied by the bike generator is very unstable so a voltage regulator was placed in line to stabilize the supply to all of the components.

The items that you can control are the following:

- A train horn.
- Lights on an airplane
- A lightning bolt with a bunch of LEDs.
- A windmill.
- A lighthouse.
- A spinning sun with LEDs.
  • 1 × Electrical Slip Ring Adafruit P/N: 736
  • 1 × Arduino Uno shield stacking headers Adafruit P/N: 85
  • 8 × Screw Terminal Strip Adafruit P/N: 737
  • 1 × LCD Display Adafruit P/N: 772
  • 1 × 7 Switch Panel Amazon ASIN: B07RSM8FCC

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