• A possible class graduate?

    mcu_nerd10/22/2022 at 21:57 0 comments

    This happened last month, but I finally got around to posting it now.

    I was making preparations to mow the lawn, which included opening a fence gate.  After opening the gate, I noticed a "funny rock" in the sand. Upon closer inspection. it was a Spadefoot toad. I've never come across an adult Spadefoot before.  I put him in a jar to keep the fella safe while I mowed the lawn and released him afterwords.  I first though he may have been injured, but he became quite lively and wanted out of the jar.

    I've raised a number of Spadefoot tadpoles in previous classes, so perhaps it could have been Hoss or another class graduate? Perhaps.

  • History decides to rhyme: a sad occurs

    mcu_nerd09/05/2021 at 23:27 0 comments

    All appeared to go well, then this afternoon I found Hope unresponsive.  pulled him out of the water, even tried to do CPR, but nothing.  I feel like I failed another one.  Like the 2020 tadpole season, the 2021 tadpole season ends on a bad note(unless I get a temporary pond again due to heavy rains), and the Spadefoot curse continues.

  • Day 31: Just going to chill on Pinecone rock

    mcu_nerd09/04/2021 at 13:33 0 comments

    Unlike other tadpoles that I've raised in the past, Hope doesn't seem too interested in going back into the water much.  The spadefoots would still go out for some swims. Graduation Day with likely either be on Sunday(tomorrow) or Monday.

  • Day 30 ​supplemental: That didn't take long

    mcu_nerd09/03/2021 at 16:08 0 comments

    Hope has already gotten on Pinecone rock. That was a bit faster than what I was expecting.  With other tadpoles species I've observed, it normally takes a day or two before they'll start getting out of the water. I'm curious if he would have tried surfacing yesterday even before his front legs came out.

  • Day 30: Moving Day!

    mcu_nerd09/03/2021 at 15:52 0 comments

    After I shut off my computer and just before I went to bed, Hope's other front leg popped out at around 11:30 pm.  A few minutes ago, I transitioned him to a container with Pinecone rock to let him come out of the water when he's ready.  He handled the transition quite well, didn't seem upset by the move. I noticed yesterday, that he pretty much just stuck to staying near the surface.

  • Day 29 ​supplemental: Hope is entering the froglet stage!

    mcu_nerd09/03/2021 at 02:58 0 comments

    I just observed tonight that the front right leg has popped out.  It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's out (it looks like a stub from the top.)  Our little Hope just might graduate after all.

  • Day 29: Looks like Hope, the Narrowmouth tadpole might become a froglet soon

    mcu_nerd09/02/2021 at 18:43 0 comments

    Hope seems to be doing quite well. His rear legs have grown and developed quite well.  Since tadpoles front legs develop at the same time as  their rear legs and I'm noticing that he's bulging a bit, I wouldn't be surprised in the next few days if his front legs come out. Sorry about the lack of videos. Unlike spadefoots, narrowmouths tend to be more laid back and don't move around as much.

  • Day 27: cautiously hopefull about Hope

    mcu_nerd08/31/2021 at 19:33 0 comments

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Been dealing with a lot of crap as of late.  Our last remaining tadpole, Hope the Narrowmouth appears to be doing fine. His legs have grown and developed considerably.  I tried to get a good photo of him, but he likes to hide.  His little "pond" is a bit dirty, but again I hesitate to keep it super clean as I've learned that Narrowmouth tadpoles are plankton eaters, so I don't want to accidentally get rid of his food source.

  • The end and also the beginning (second half of graduation) day 21

    mcu_nerd08/26/2021 at 02:10 0 comments

    Other than the sad that accrued in the morning, things generally went well.  One potential issue occurred though. When I was releasing the rest of these fellas my friend, the neighborhood feral cat decided to show up.  Not wanting her to try to catch em, I led her away and gave her the attention and treats she wanted.  When I came back the three that were still in the pool area were still there (when I was trying the get the other three into the pool area, flew the coop.)

  • Some sad news to report before the second day of Gruaduations starts

    mcu_nerd08/25/2021 at 19:09 0 comments

    One of the remaining 5 Spadefoot froglets passed away this morning.  This is the first time I've ever had a tadpole in the froglet sage die on me.