A possible class graduate?

A project log for Raising Tadpoles 2021 edition

Got a temporary pond again, so I once again decided to rescue and raise some more tadpoles

mcunerdmcu_nerd 10/22/2022 at 21:570 Comments

This happened last month, but I finally got around to posting it now.

I was making preparations to mow the lawn, which included opening a fence gate.  After opening the gate, I noticed a "funny rock" in the sand. Upon closer inspection. it was a Spadefoot toad. I've never come across an adult Spadefoot before.  I put him in a jar to keep the fella safe while I mowed the lawn and released him afterwords.  I first though he may have been injured, but he became quite lively and wanted out of the jar.

I've raised a number of Spadefoot tadpoles in previous classes, so perhaps it could have been Hoss or another class graduate? Perhaps.