CI-2 project log

A project log for Homemade Floating Point Interpreter for 6502

The CI-2 is a homemade floating point simple interpreter language by hand assembling for my 6502 computer PERSEUS-8 and PERSEUS-9.

mitsuru-yamadaMitsuru Yamada 08/10/2021 at 13:000 Comments

1. The article was first posted on Aug. 6, 2021

2. Revised on Aug. 10, 2021

     Corrected mistake in Fig. 3.

3. Revised on Sep. 4, 2021

    Updated the assembly code to Ver. 1.1.0. The exponent part is always set to zero when the result of an operation is zero.

    As an application example, Fast Fourier Transform program and execution example were added to the attachment.

    Added single lowercase letters to variable names.

4. Revised on Nov. 4, 2021

    Added  Chapter 11, "Making ROMs of the interpreter" to the Details.

5. Revised on Dec. 31, 2021, Jan. 4, 2022

    To the Details, added programming & execution example, Fig. 7 "Calculation of natural logarithm function" and corrected Fig. 6.

6. Revised on Jan. 24, 2022

    To the Details, inserted new chapter 10, "Application example", new Fig. 9.

    Added maximum operating clock frequency value to the chapter "Making ROMs of the interpreter".

7.  Revised on Mar. 5, 2022

    To the Details chapter 10, added video link "Homemade Floating Point Interpreter computes FFT".

8. Revised on Apr. 9, 2022

    Updated assembly code version to Ver. 1.2.0, for bug fix for square root function argument zero.

9. Revised on May 13, 2022

    Added Fig. 6 for square root calculation and Fig. 7 for sine function calculation to chapter 6 "Elementary functions".

10. Revised on May 14, 2022

    Added handling of negative arguments to the description of the exponential function calculation in Chapter 6.

11. Revised on Nov. 30, 2022

    Added the demo video for executing of an application program of calculating planet positions in Chapter 11. 

12. Revised on Dec. 13, 2022

    Updated the assembly code of the attachment to version 1.4.1, resolving a bug that caused an error in the function calculation for every 256 characters of the user program. 

    A description of the defects found so far and the assembly code version updates that resolved them were added to Chapter 9.

13. Revised on Feb. 2, 2023

    Corrected Fig. 2 in Chapter 3.

    Added Fig. 5.1 for multiplication flowchart, and Fig. 5.2 for division flowchart in Chapter 5.

14. Revised on Feb. 7, 2023

    The variable names in Fig. 9 were modified to match the comments in the source code.

15. Revised on Mar. 14, 2023

    Updated the assembly code of the attachment to version 1.5.0, allow user program area limit to be set and correct normalize bug when the mantissa part is zero.

    Added Fig. 12 of PROM programmer in Chapter 12.

16. Revised on Mar. 21, 2023

    Added Video 3 to introduce updating the interpreter by using the PROM programmer.

    Correct the power spectrum at zero of execution example in Chapter 2.

17. Revised on Aug. 01, 2023

    Added program loading command using parallel interface, updated assembly code version to Ver. 2.0.0

    Added Chapter 8 "program loading" and moved up subsequent chapter numbers.