Bearing Boring

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Finally automating my 1998 Lathe/Mill/Drill which was built for CNC

Alastair YoungAlastair Young 11/09/2021 at 08:160 Comments

This is my first real use of the CNC to make something. This is a project I am doing to make a penny squashing machine. Because the forces involved are huge, the frames are in 1/2" 1018. The plates were all squared identical on the mill and the center drills for the holes also marked out on the mill. I used these to indicate in the part in the 4 jaw chuck using a 2MT dead center on 3MT-2MT extension in the 3MT-3MT extension mounted in the tail stock. Parallels behind the part to make it flat, removed after indicating. The dial indicator resting on the extension at the nearest ground location.

Then I drilled out most of the material for the bearing holes. I bored it bit by bit the first time and hand crafted the g-code as I went, wrapping the already-run code in 

O100 WHILE [0]


until I got the feeds and speeds and chamfers right.

Then it was pretty quick to iterate through the other five, though I always stopped to check the bore diameter before running the final pass.

The bearing bores are for 3/4" drill rod.

Things learned:

The gear in the picture is cut from McMaster gear stock.