Picking The Hardware

A project log for PixelWatch

A small ESP32 powered smartwatch. My first large scale hardware project.

PixelDudPixelDud 08/07/2021 at 04:510 Comments

After some consideration I settled on purchasing these parts for the initial prototyping. The breadboard friendly parts give me the opportunity to reuse them in future projects while also making it easy to reconfigure the layout on the breadboard. 

The screen in particular is far from what will be used in the "production" model. It's much larger and has an aspect ratio which is... less than desirable... for a smartwatch. During prototyping I intend to use only 240x240px centered on the screen. As for the touch capabilities... it is as of yet undecided whether the production model will use a touchscreen or not. In the scenario that it does, I'll be prepared to whip up a touch interface on my prototyping screen prior to purchasing any final parts.