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    Hey, what's up, Guys! Akarsh here from CETech.

    In the article before the previous one, we made a Helium Node using the Wisblock Technology-based RAK Helium Developer Kit. You can check that article out from here and the video description of the project from here. In that article, we made a simple Helium node connected to a data-only Hotspot, and through that hotspot, we received the data sent to the node on our Helium Staging Console. Now in this project, we are going to upscale our previous project a bit. We will make an Environment Sensor node using the RAK1906 Environment Sensor from the Wisblock based Helium Developer Kit. We will connect that node to our data only Hotspot. But in addition to the previous article where we received the data on the staging console and decoded that to retrieve the original message, We will use the Integrations available on the Helium Platform. We will use the Google Sheets Integration and with that, we will be able to receive the data in a Google Sheet in the form of a spreadsheet. The data will be stored there but we can also check the live data flow on the Staging Console as well. Sounds Interesting? Indeed it is and when you will get your hands on it. You will also understand how easy it is to make this project. So let's jump straight to it.

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    About RAK1906 Wisblock Environment Sensor

    RAK1906 is a WisBlock Sensor that extends the WisBlock system with environmental air quality and condition sensors. A ready-to-use SW library and tutorial make it easy to build up motion data acquisition system.

    RAK1906 is not only measuring air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. It has as well an integrated gas sensor to acquire information about air quality. RAK1906 combined with the RAK4631 WisBlock Core is ready to go system for air quality and condition system. Its use cases are personal air quality trackers, weather stations, or gas detection, The acquired data can be send using LoRaWan communication, LoRa point-to-point connections, and BLE. RAK1906 is ideal for battery-powered applications because of its low power consumption. In addition, the WisBlock system allows to power down the module completely to reduce the power consumption of the system even more. Some Features of this Sensor are:-

    • Using the Bosch BME680 environment sensor
    • Low power consumption
    • Small form factor
    • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Humidity range: 0% to 100>#/span###
    • Pressure range: 300 to1100 hPa
    • Gas sensor response time < 1s
    • Gas sensor direct output of IAQ: Index for Air Quality

    You can check out the datasheet of the sensor form here to get more details about the sensor.