The PCBs arrived...mistakes where made

A project log for GNSS module 2.0 - GNSS via Bluetooth

In this project I build a smaller version of my previous GNSS module. The main features are: LiPo battery, USB, active antenna, bluetooth

dechemistdechemist 08/23/2021 at 16:330 Comments

The PCB arrived and they look perfect, not that I had any doubt when ordering at a big Chinese manufacturer. 

And of course there are mistakes :/ The voltage regulator for USB power to the GPS chip U5 has the wrong footprint. I used a SOT-89-3 foot print, but the actual part here is way bigger. This can be easily fixed with a few wires, I did the same mistake in my first design and have learned nothing...

The second mistake is a bit more annoying: The foot print (USB3076-30-A) for the micro USB-B connector does not match the part I have here in my storage (same mistake twice?!). Fortunately the PCB of the Lipo battery charger I am about to use has a similar one on it and I can use this one to make it work even though the very small pins will make fixing this by hand soldering very annoying.

In the next days I will solder all the parts on, starting with the 3.3 voltage converter.