First "build instruction" of Extruder V3

A project log for My machinery 2021: Direct Granules Extruder

Waste plastic turned into raw material for 3D printing.

Norbert HeinzNorbert Heinz 10/19/2021 at 18:020 Comments

I am currently working on a video showing more details of my Direct Granules Extruder V3 and explaining why I did the things I did the way I did them. With the pictures taken for the video, I have written a first build instruction. Since this machine was mostly created using the rule of thumb, it is no accurate step by step instruction. Instead, it gives you a deep insight into all parts the extruder is composed of.  This should enable you to make a copy, if you'd like to. Of course, if there are questions remaining, feel free to leave a comment.