Minimally milling fine-pitch circuit board features

A project log for Minamil: a minimal CNC mill - HaDPrize 2021

Minamil: a minimal 3-axis CNC mill that works. Build from laser-cut hardboard with a screwdriver (mostly). Mill fine-pitch PCBs.

Paul McClayPaul McClay 10/23/2021 at 07:260 Comments

(copypasted from mainline project: #Minamil: a minimal CNC mill. And friends. )

Responding to a comment on an earlier log, I wrote:

I haven't written much yet about the blue Wen dremeloid used for most of this project so far to keep it cheap. The main trick [...blah blah...] acceptable runout. I don't think it was ever going to cut the SSOP footprint tho.

Since then, I got some renewed motivation to try again...

...and made it happen. A perfect spindle would be nice, but in the spirit of pushing down the hardware requirement and frustration with the "better" tool, I went back for another round of tweaking away runout. I'm finding more tricks but don't really have that down to a method for a good how-to yet.

The overall process for milling this example went something like:

Tool changes for drilling and milling won't be so carefully precise. Notice in the video below:

Sub-2-minute video for eye-candy: