Quantity   Component name
2 × Raspberry Pi Model B While this has been chosen for the prototype, the focus is on interface design and the end result will be hardware agnostic.
2 × EXPLORE-NFC Board (NXP PN512) This is used for the prototype. Before the end of the competition a hardware interface board will be designed to accomodate mulitple devices (GPIO/NFC/LED status/sound/serial connectivity for things like proximity detector/RTC/FRAM).
1 × Fujitsu MB85RC128APNF-G-JNE1 FRAM - Ferroelectric RAM for temporary transaction queue storage
1 × Microchip MCP7940N or Maxim DS1307 Real time clock
1 × NXP PCA9531PW LED Controller
1 × USB GPS Receiver Here I use a Garmin GPS18x LVC with USB to RS232 converter
1 × USB GSM/3G Modem For connection to "database server",
1 × 100Mbps Ethernet Switch
1 × PostgreSQL server with PostGIS extensions
1 × django with GeoDjango supported database server
1 × Python knowledge Most parts will be written in python (don't hurt me, I'm a .NET guy) and C++.