Hack & Modify Vehicles

CANFDuino can be used for stand-alone vehicle hacking and spoofing—with no PC required. You can also use it for modification and automation of vehicles. It has no problem merging ECU data signals and driving IO based upon CAN/FD messages lights, custom switches, etc. It can also drive actuators, motors, and LED’s or record and transmit sensor and vehicle data via CAN.

2x CAN/FD-bus sniffing from a web browser or terminal program

CAN/FD-bus gateway (merge messages from one bus to another)

OBD2 data logging to SD card

Analog inputs to CAN/FD output

CAN/FD input to PWM output

Digital input to CAN/FD output

CAN/FD-bus fault simulation

CAN/FD to remote telemetry