Yield Rate Update

A project log for LLS3 - I2C Charger/PMIC (2x Voltage Out) + RTC

Tiny I2C Programmable LiPo Battery Charger/Monitor, Buck, Buck-Boost, RTC and I2C level shifter

Leonard PollakLeonard Pollak 08/28/2021 at 07:360 Comments

After my initial two attempts at soldering these boards I was confident I would end up with a higher yield rate >50%.

Apparently I was wrong.

After soldering 11 boards I ended up with 2.5/11 working ones which is a yield rate of ~22%.
The .5 had problems with the level shifter but is otherwise OK.

Lessons learned:

In short this means that these boards will not be available in my tindie store for a little while. I will have to fix the aperture for the stencil in some places and get a proper hot air oven (probably a modded toaster).

I am still happy the layout of the board was correct on the first try and, as usual, I learned a lot in the process of breaking things. I have also added a picture of my testing jig for your enjoyment.