Display and radio to experiment with

A project log for Augmented Renault Megane 3 low end car radio

Low end car radio with segmented LCD display gets augmented with a MCU, bluetooth audio module and things like that

dmitry-ketovDmitry Ketov 08/17/2021 at 20:440 Comments

I firstly got myself the display 280349044R, the radio 281150030R and dug a wiring diagram 

They say that #261 is the radio, #653 is the display, #325 is the remote. The 107W, 107X pair is the can-m I'm after and 137H, 137G pair is the can-v to get vehicle params from. #225 is obviously the OBDII port. There are also MT and NAM wires being display and radio ground shown as black lines and a bunch of +12V wires named BCP4, BT5, BPTG shown in red.

I tried to connect everything and plug to a +12V power supply. Nothing barely happened. The display stayed black but the radio hissed a little bit. Power on button on the radio face panel didn't give anything. Eject button - nothing as well. When I then tried to load a CD it was finally swallowed. Phew! The beast was alive but was so far sleeping :)