v1.0 - Over-The-hAirs update

A project log for Tobi-P, the rabbit robot

A cute, cubic and curious companion with a tilt camera. And a carrot.

jdelbejdelbe 09/27/2021 at 09:050 Comments
                                         Tobi-P is undergoing the upgrade

Our little friend has received a complete software update, the v1.0 has been tagged for this occasion!

It is now running ROS Noetic, on the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite. I have also increased the swap a bit, it seems to help the poor Pi 1 when under a lot of stress.
The control application has also been polished, it now plays well with the latest Android Studio, and the controls feel smoother than ever. There is now a proper signed release apk in the repo for convenience, feel free to examine the certificate ;)

I will try to make a video soon to celebrate the milestone.

Everything went well, Tobi-P has still its priorities figured out