Small Scale Magnetic Levitation Train - Hyperloop

Magnetically Levitating and driving small scale version of a Hyperloop

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This project is a small scale version of a Hyperloop, which was developed, designed and manufactured by myself from scratch. The system consists of a tube including a base station and a linear motor as well as a pod (moving vehicle) containing the levitation system. The pod is connected to the base station via BLE 5.0. The entire system is operated by means of an HMI touch screen in the base station.

- main construction based on 3d printed parts
- custom PCBs
- custom electro magnets (wounded coils and milled iron cores)
- PCB based linear PMSM

The PCB linear PMSM is controlled by a ESC G431 with a custom FOC -> check this project:

You can find the complete build video here:

Complete build video

  • 1# Conception and Design

    Adrian08/22/2021 at 15:02 0 comments

    I started with the idea of building a small scal Hyperloop system, that is supposed to levitate and drive magnetically and independent of external power.

    I started with a rough CAD design and improved it step by step (about 1 1/2 days)

    Pod in tube with track:

    Pod (moving vehicle):

    Once the approximate dimensions and the concept were defined, the concept was adapted on the basis of the main limiting components (battery module, electronics - main PCB, track PCB).

    From this followed the final design including the development of the electronics (about 5 days):

    - Tube and Track:

    - Pod:

    To determine the system dynamics and the design of the control system and associated components, the entire system was simulated in Matlab/Simulink. In addition, the controller was designed and optimized.

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