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This is a simple circuit for anyone wanting to make a floating charger to charge 12 volt 7 amp batteries. A versatile circuit and very useful for those who need a charger for this purpose.

Floating Charger Function

In the floating charger function, when connecting the battery to the circuit, you can use an AC transformer of 13.5 Vac or a source of 21 Vdc, both in the order of 5 amps in their respective connectors.

NOTE: Do not connect both types of power to the circuit, use the one you think is best to use!

The system has two LEDs indicating that it is connected to power and the other indicates that the battery is fully charged.
If the battery is discharged, the charged Led will be off and when it reaches full charge the Led will turn on, turning off the battery charger.

12 Vdc UPS Function

The circuit also has an output connector that is intended to power another 12 Vdc circuit.

While the floating charger is connected to the mains, the output will be receiving power directly from the source.

When this source is disconnected and the output will start to receive energy from the battery where it will be switched by relay 2, keeping the output always powered.

Bill of Materials (BOM)


Footprint (PCB Layout)

To download the GERBER File you can access the video link on my YouTube channel or the Google Drive link:


Google Drive

3D Model

In this footprint we can see how the project looks in the 3D viewer in Proteus.

Step by Step to Order the PCB at JLCPCB

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Final Considerations

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Final Results

After placing the order, the PCBs arrived and this is the final result