Monitoring Battery Quality and reduce waste

Handheld Readout Device(HRD) for Battery Management Systems. Measure rechargeable batteries.

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Rechargeable batteries are more and more dominating our modern life. We find them in our smartphones and notebooks, in e-bikes and e-cars but also in many toys and basically everywhere where wired power supply is absent. The charge state of these batteries is usually reported by highlighting a certain portion of a bar, representing full charge. But is this indication always correct and how can I check whether the full capacity of my battery is still available?

The efficient use of batteries is especially important, as batteries are difficult to recycle and thus constitute a burden for the environment. Unfortunately, common BMSs do not display the stored data by default.

continuing description....

Creation and expansion of different (Li-ion) battery pack manager | battery fuel (gas) gauge
with Communication interface SMBus!
Do your part. :-)

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