To Make this circuit, we might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.

Component List :

1.Transistor – BD 139

2. Resistor –  1 KΩ

56 KΩ

3. Capacitor – 4700µf/25v



4. LED – 5mm

5. Diode – 1N 5408

6. Voltage Regulating IC - 7812

7. Transformer – 12.0.12 volt (3 amp)

Circuit Connection :

1st step to make this LED flasher circuit, we’ll make power supply for this. We make a bridge connection with these 4 diode. Then connect diode positive leg with capacitor positive leg and connect diode negative leg with capacitor negative leg.

With this power supply, we also can use a power indicator led light.You know that, we use a voltage regulating IC LA7812. From this power supply, we connect output with this voltage regulating IC.

Now, we will make our LED flasher light.

We connect both transistor Emitter. Then we connect resistor. Connect both resistor with Base leg of transistor. Now connect the empty terminal of both resistor. Now we connect capacitor with the circuit.

Connect capacitor Negative leg with one transistor Base leg and capacitor positive leg with Collecter leg of other transistor. Then do the same process with other transistor and capacitor also.

For this led flasher circuit, we need DC-12v led light. We are using 5mm LED light, so we make series connection using 3 led light. That means we connect one led negative leg with other led positive leg.

Though it is a dual channel LED flasher light, so that we connect 2 channel led positive leg with DC-12v positive cable.

Now, continuously we connect both led negative leg both transistor Collector leg. Our circuit is now ready for use.

 Just plug-in power and enjoy the flashlight.