NIXIE Digital clock

Just for fun and to use some surplus NIXIE tubes

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A few years ago I bought and old bit of Solatron kit on eBay for around £15. It had 12 NIXIE tubes in it and was totally unuseable. So I strpped it and designed and built a clock for fun. Clock source is a CD4060 and CD4013 with a 32.768Khz crystal. Counters are 6 x CD4017's driving MPSA42 transistors for the NIXIE's. 180 volt supply is a switched mode type and the LED's are controlled with a PIC16F737 to give 16 selectable sequences. Time backup is 10 hours from a 4 farad capacitor. The base is beech and the case Perspex.

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esiako wrote 01/05/2022 at 09:56 point

Bardzo przyjemnie to wygląda. Dodałbym jednak kilka diód by pokazać też jakieś dodatkowe informacje. Nawet prosta rzeacz jak podłączenie internetowej pogody czy informacji o poczcie.

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Daniel wrote 08/26/2021 at 21:19 point

The colons are swithchable to flash every second or remain on continuously. They just happened to be off as I rook the photo. Although the neons look large, the spot when lit is just right. Thanks for the nice comments.

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Ken Yap wrote 08/20/2021 at 00:50 point

That's a nice build. 👍 I should learn to make attractive cases. It can hide a lot of my messy soldering and wiring. 🤣 That old kit you bought was a bargain if only for the nixies.

I notice you didn't enable the colons. Out of proportion to the digits?

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