First assembly completed

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A show and tell on how I designed and build my own IoT controller, based on the popular NodeMCU, with ESPHome and Home Assistant

MakerIoT2020MakerIoT2020 08/28/2021 at 05:100 Comments

The first assembly has been completed. I found some small errors on the PCB, but as I still consider this a prototype, it was easy to update the schematics and Gerber files. I made some wire connections on the PCB to fix the errors. I also had to use some old components, as logistics are very broken in Thailand at the moment, and as such, many components are still floating around on tables and in the back of delivery vans somewhere :) 

I also had problems with wrongly delivered parts, most importantly, the 12Mhz crystal for the CH340G. I received an 8Mhz variant instead... This is however not a problem, as I will program with an external adapter for now, and all other updates t firmware will be OTA anyway ...

Tested the board, and all went extremely well... It works as intended, which is the most important anyway ....

Behind the scenes  pictures of the assembly can be seen here:

Thank you