Certification and Permission to use ESPHome Logo

A project log for Build your own ESP8266 based IoT Controller

A show and tell on how I designed and build my own IoT controller, based on the popular NodeMCU, with ESPHome and Home Assistant

MakerIoT2020MakerIoT2020 09/08/2021 at 06:491 Comment

Hello everyone, and thank you for being interested in my project.
The PCB design has now been sorted out, and the prototypes are fixed from all bugs.

I am pleased to announce that the Gerber files for the design will be made available to the public soon.

I was also able to secure permission from ESPHome and Nabu Casa (the owners of the Home Assistant and ESPHome brands) to use the "Made for ESPHome" logo on the PCB for this project. A big thank you to Jesse and all the other people at Nabu Casa and ESPHome for making this possible. You can read about it all here:

I would also like to invite you to contact me if you have any questions on the code or any other matter regarding the project...


saucylad1976 wrote 07/30/2022 at 10:55 point

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