Quantity   Component name
1 × ISD1820 Sound Recording Kit https://www.icstation.com/mobile/20secs-voice-sound-module-sound-recorder-recording-module-isd1820p-kits-p-12311.html
1 × 60x40mm Prototyping PCB
1 × TP4056 Charging Module https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087Q915LF?ref=nb_sb_ss_w_as-ypp-rep_ypp_rep_k0_1_6&crid=HJ2U8WB9DGWR&sprefix=tp4056
1 × 3.7V 850mAh LiPO Battery Battery size of approx 45x25mm will fit the battery holder in the 3D printed base
1 × 2-3W 4Ohm Mini Speaker Diameter of approximately 40mm across the top should fit in the 3D printed mount
8 × 4x2mm (dia x ht) Neodymium magnets Helps secure cat and control panel to base component box
4 × M3x5 Bolts Secures the ISD1820 module to the base unit
1 × M2x5 Bolts Secures the Prototyping PCB with ATtiny84 to the base unit
4 × Rubber Feet Small rubber feet (8-10mm dia) to glue on corners of base unit to keep it from sliding
1 × Felt Strip (approx 25x200mm) Covers the gap between the cat's head and body
1 × Wire Recommend Silicone coated wire between 28-32AWG to connect PCBs and components
1 × Ceramic Capacitor 100nF RAD-0.1 Component C1 on schematic (decoupling capacitor for microcontroller)
2 × Diode 1N5817 Components D3 and D4 on schematic
1 × ICSP HDR-3X2/2.54 Programming Header
3 × HDR-1X2/2 Use on ISD1820 module to connect 3mm recording indicator LED, speaker, and condenser mic
2 × Resistor 220R AXIAL-0.3 Components R1 and R2 on schematic; Limits current to cat's LED eyes
1 × Toggle Switch On-Off-On Momentary Used for sound recording playback (E-playback full recording on one press, Off, or L-playback only while switch is held closed)
1 × Toggle Switch On-Off-On Latching Primary Switch to Select between ISD1820 Only Power, Off, or Main Power
1 × ATtiny84 Microcontroller 14 DIP (Through hole)
1 × SR602 Ultrasonic Sensor Module Used to trigger scary cat actions
1 × SG-90 Micro Servo Motor JST_XH_F_3-PIN Recommend micro servo motor with metal gears for increased durability
2 × 5mm Yellow LEDs (or a color of your liking) Cat's eyes
1 × 3mm Red LED ISD1820 Sound Activity Indicator LED (likely not required but a useful indicator)