Enable auto-start on system log-in

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Arduino OLED PC Performance Monitor with Client software

rupert-hirstRupert Hirst 08/22/2021 at 20:040 Comments

To enable auto-start on system log-in

Locate HardwareSerialMonitor executable> Right-Click> Properties> Compatibility> Run this program as Admin [X]

Start Menu > Search for "Task Scheduler"

Create Task

General Tab:

Name: Whatever you like

[X]: Run only when user is logged on

[X]: Run with highest privileges

Select: Configure for: Windows 10

Triggers Tab> New:

Begin the task, Select: At log on

[X]: Specific User:

Actions Tab> New:

Action, Select: "Start a program"

Program/script: > Browse the HardwareSerialMonitor.exe

Conditions Tab:

[optional] Disable "Start the task only if the computer is on AC power"

Settings Tab:

To Enable,  [X] : "Allow task to be run on demand"

To Disable, [X] : "Stop the task if it runs longer than"