New Scooter Update

A project log for RepRaTS 3D Printable E-Scooter

An electric scooter that can be made entirely from printed parts and off the shelf components without any power tools!

James DietzJames Dietz 10/27/2021 at 11:180 Comments

I have now built a third iteration of the 3d printable e-scooter.  My main goals for this design were to: improve torsional rigidity in the printed beams, decrease overall weight, improve on the percentage of printed parts, and improve safety. To improve rigidity, I moved from a “flat bar” beam with two threaded rods as reinforcement to a “hollow triangular” beam with three rods. I also added registration features so the individual spacers that stack together to create the scooter’s beams interlock, stopping the spacers from sliding against each other and improving rigidity.  The hub motors have been reduced in size and power to two 350W 8” airless hub motors. The smaller wheel size allows for smaller forks and the reduced power allows for smaller controllers and battery, contributing to an overall reduction in size and weight.  The total weight of the scooter is now approximately 40 lbs and the top speed is around 17mph.  The battery is a 13Ah 48V removable e-bike battery.