From the community #9: Cardboard Stack-chan!

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Shinya IshikawaShinya Ishikawa 11/18/2021 at 13:380 Comments

Kudos to ふるおらいと(@36kyo and 駿馬(@syumme01!

They managed to make the Stack-chan case out of cardboard.

Instead of doing 3D printing, ふるおらいと used regular cardboard to surround the M5Stack.

It's hacky, but it just works! According to him, "I was disassembling my 3D printer for a move, so I just hacked it up with materials I had on hand."

You want some chocolate?

Inspired by this, 駿馬 further brushed up the structure of the bracket and other parts.


The bracket is made up of three flat parts and is strong enough to be used.


These examples are simple, yet very complete. I love them!
It might be a good idea to distribute them as paper crafts.


The experience of being able to magically create a robot with simple cardboard construction has the potential to lower the bar for robot development in one fell swoop, just as Google has done with Google Cardboard and AIY kits.

These examples blew my mind, as I had been struggling with "what shape to make the 3D printed parts". I personally learned a lot from them:

This is real hacker spirit, isn't it?