Hall sensor wires 

Download pyton or anaconda CMD

To start type:odrivetoo and wait to start 

connect Sequre ODESC3.6 to your computer and power it up

when hardware number shown it already connected

Config the motor 

I am using 6483 motor 

After saving the program reboot it to reconnect the

And wait for hardware number 

Wait for beep on motor

PWN signal connected in GPI04 for M0, GPI03 for M1 PWM 

PWN min and max works better on:600 -300 

this is program for M0. to config the M1, replace the odrv0 to odrv1
change to ...



I only set up 48V 20A on each motor but it can up to 50A and ODESC3.6 also need heatsink