Here is another clue for you all ...

A project log for Computer Motivator

If you don't know what a computer motivator is by now, then you have been reading too many textbooks and not watching enough TV.

glgormanglgorman 09/13/2021 at 16:450 Comments

 I promised a clue for those who are searching for the labyrinth.  Here is your first clue.  I could have titled this post "up up and away", but I DIDN"T!  The Reno Balloon Races event was just this last weekend (read yesterday and the day before as of 9/13.2021).  It is so easy to imagine so many possible uses for a simple robotics package, besides the overabundance of hexapod and wheel bots.   Now, of course, I am kicking myself in the head for not thinking ahead, i.e., so as to perhaps get permission to fly a drone at the event, or some kind of remote-controlled blimp.  I don't know if they would allow that, with up to 100 manned balloons in the air all at once.