Official semester project over, what's next?

A project log for Mechanical Anti-tremor cup handle

A handle which helps folks with shaky hands to drink from a variety of cups

jacobJacob 01/12/2022 at 00:220 Comments

Hi! I realized just now how cool it would be to keep you folks updated in the form of a log like this.

So, here's the deal. Last semester was hectic for me so this project was mostly shelved after the first three weeks, to focus on courses with higher priority. I was able to pick it up again after exams had wrapped up, and I managed to finish a prototype, write a report and hold a presentation in less than ten working days. The grades are in - I got a B!

I was encouraged by my lecturers and an advisor with UiT's incubator to continue development, so that's what's next.

I'm also applying for some grants, so we'll see if that pays off.

For this next phase of the project, I'm planning to use a mix of empathic design method and classical market analysis.

Relevant data, files and models will be made publicly available whenever possible.

Please let me know in the comments what I can do to make this project more accessible to contributors.