A project log for Resurrecting my BeBox

When you really need a computer with four RS232 serial ports.

Alastair HewittAlastair Hewitt 08/28/2021 at 20:520 Comments

The original Novell NE2000 card (circa 1991) arrived. Most ISA cards of the BeBox era would have been plug-and-play. Not too much of an issue if you have a Windows 95 machine handy to update the settings. If your only ISA slots are in the BeBox then you need a board with jumpers. That means stepping back a few years to the late 80's.

This card comes from the time where most LANs would be hooked up via coax cables (10Base-2) and predates the wider use of the now ubiquitous twisted-pair cabling. The card does have an AUI, so an MAU can be fitted to provide the 10Base-T interface.

Once hooked up it was a simple case of configuring the IRQ and port for the card, setting the network to DHCP and the machine was online!

Some Unix networking commands are available via the BeOS shell. The BeOS also has a suitably named Poor Man web server that was able to serve up a basic web page from the file system.