3d printable lens caps with a little help of easy to find clip. Springiness will last forever.

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I found many 3d printed lens cap on Thingiverse but after printing a whole and using them for a while I noticed that they get weak over time and the caps can fall easily. So I like to design hybrid 3d printed parts to reduce printing times, but this time I added a small part that I found in my office.
A small binder clip Nº 1 (also called 19mm or 3/4") these kind of clips are made with two arms that are made with a springy metal and this will eliminate the problem that I had with other 3d printed caps. And as a plus you can customize the cap with a logo or text like I did.
You can find all the free STL files and the tutorial in the links provided.

  • 1
    Upload the model

    You can use any software to edit the cap before printing. But Tinkercad is just enough for this purpose and fast to edit.

  • 2
    SVG file

    Use any vector software to export and svg file and upload it to Tinkercad, you can create a hollow shape with this svg file. 1mm is enough.

  • 3
    3D Printing

    For 3D printing you will need to set layer height a 0.2mm maximum to get a good resolution on the thread part of the cap.

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