Vegebox - Raspberry Pi based gardening system

Vegebox is a Raspberry Pi based system for managing your automated vegetable garden.

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Vegebox is a configurable platform for managing an automated garden. This project is currently in progress. Stay tuned for updates!

The planned system componets include:
⁕ Raspberry Pi and software
⁕ Pi HAT for interfacing with garden sensors and controls
⁕ Pi HAT for managing the system's solar power and batteries.

Planned features:
⁕ Gather data such as soil moisture, temperature, and light levels in order to efficiently water plants. (And for pretty graphs)
⁕ Support for sensors such as temperature, light, moisture, and accesories such as cameras, solar panels, batteries, valves, and pumps
⁕ Remotely access the garden's data and configurations.
And more...

Once fully designed, I plan on selling PCBs and development kits on I will also release the software and PCB designs if anyone would like to make improvements and adjustments.

Please leave a comment if you have any cool ideas ideas for features

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