Amplifiers are the circuits that increase the input power of the system at the output side. Hence, audio amplifiers enhance the audio amplitude of input signals. And, through the gain of that audio amplifier circuit, you can comprehend the amplification at the output. How to make Audio Amplifier with 2SC5200 Transistor? We will see this in the following tutorial.

Designers classify amplifiers into pre-amplifier and power amplifiers. Power amplifiers are further divided into so many other types. Or you can say that The amplifier devices usually have two stages, a pre-amplifier that only amplifies voltage gain and not the current gain, and a power amplifier that causes a power modification of the audio signal. And, this article is about audio power amplifiers.

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Hardware Required

2.2SC5200 transistor1
3.Resistor (1K)1
4.Capacitor (100uf)1
5.Power supply (12V)1
6.2 port input terminal2
8.Potentiometer ( 100k)1

Circuit Diagram

Audio Amplifier with