In electronics, the joule thief circuit is the voltage booster circuit that converts the input voltage into a greater periodic voltage value. You may have known this before, but do you know that joule thief circuits have some other interesting names too? Interesting, right? South it is also popular as joule ringer, blocking oscillator, and vampire torch. To know that how these names get fit into the circuit you need to read the entire article. Thus, in this tutorial, we are going to discuss How to make a Joule Thief Circuit.

Although you can make this circuit in various other ways. But, in this article, we are trying to take a cheaper approach. So, we will make the circuit by using two transistors and with some other simple components.

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Hardware required

2.BC547 transistors2
3.Capacitors (220pf)1
4.Resistors (22K, 330ohms)1, 1
6.Coil (100uH)1
7.Battery call (1.5V)1

Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram of  Joule Thief Circuit