It is fascinating to see that microcontrollers like Arduino can not only be used commercially or for industrial purposes but can also be utilized for various DIY and fun projects for beginners and enthusiasts. One of those DIY projects includes the LED cube circuit. It’s basically a three-dimensional cube, basically made from light-emitting diodes. So in this article, we are going to explore How to make an LED Cube – 4x4x4 using Arduino.


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Hardware Required

You will need the following parts for creating this Project.

1)Arduino Nano1
2)USB CableMicro-B1
3)LEDsDiffused, 5mm64
4)DC Hand Drill1
5)Silver Wires40
6)Female HeadersAs per need
7)Resistors100 Ohms4
8)CardboardAs per need
9)Soldering Iron45W – 60W1
10)Soldering Flux1

Circuit Diagram

How to make LED Cube